Why Is My Water Bill So High?

Jul 13, 2022 | Columbus, Bills, Drain, Five Star, OH, Ohio, Pipes, Plumbing, Utilities

A lot of homeowners pay their utility bills as soon as they receive them, especially since no one wants to go without any essential utilities. But what if your lifestyle hasn’t changed but your water bill is more than usual? Many homeowners are aware as to why their water bill has gone up; nevertheless, if you encounter this issue and have not modified your habits recently, it is essential to understand why. Because of this our friendly and knowledgeable plumbers at Five Star Columbus Plumbing have collected a list of specific reasons why your water bill might get more expensive.

Are There Any Hidden Leaks In Your Plumbing System?

There are a variety of leaks in your plumbing system that may go unnoticed. Not only that, these leaks can have a significant influence on your equipment and budget. Below are four examples of leaks that might increase utility costs:

  • Damaged Flapper: Did you know that if a toilet runs for more than 30 seconds after it has flushing, there is most likely an issue with the flapper. If you have a broken, then your water usage will most likely increase. Not to mention, how much clean and usable water is lost. Moreover, if your toilet makes a humming or hissing noise, there may be an internal leak or other concerns that should be dealt with ASAP.
  • Leaky Tap: Because there are so many faucets in a house, some of them are likely to leak. Keep in mind that leaks are most likely to occur in old faucets, especially if they’re original fixtures. Remember that each drop from your faucets costs homeowners money and adds to the overall water usage in your home. So as you try to figure out why your water bill has gone up keep this little tidbit in mind.
  • Leaky Irrigation System:These instances are among the most serious, as they go unnoticed in the vast majority of cases. This is especially true because, unless you’re mowing the grass or doing other upkeep in your yard, most homeowners don’t walk the perimeter of their yard.  Since your water pipes and irrigation lines may run beneath the surface, this makes it harder to discover any leaks. If you think your irrigation system may be leaking or if you have any other concerns contact Five Star Columbus Plumbing today!
  • Damaged Pipes: Leaks and damaged or broken pipes put your house and its occupants in danger. Water is a liquid that can flow through holes, resulting in standing water or puddles, which is more dangerous than one might believe. This is especially true if there’s an outage with the electrical outlets/plugs. If you’ve been noticing a lot of water in your yard, damp patches inside your house, or a rapid increase in your water usage, it’s time to contact us!

How Old Are Your Residential Toilets or Fixtures? Is It Time To Switch Them Out For New Equipment?

All of our home’s plumbing components deteriorate as we get older. Technology continues to develop and enhance, with better quality and performance in plumbing equipment such as toilets and their fixtures. That said, the energy efficiency of residential washing machines has improved in the last five years. According to the EPA, they consume up to 13 gallons less water during each cycle. Homeowners should have their plumbing equipment fixed and inspected on a regular basis, in addition to changing their toilets and fittings. Higher efficiency appliances may help homeowners save money on their monthly water bills.

Is There Any Significant Differences In The Water Usage In Your Home?

Water consumption and expenses are greatly influenced by a number of circumstances, such as extended showers, seasonal changes, or a shift in residency at your property. Unfortunately, many homeowners fail to account for water consumption changes. As a result, monitoring how much water is used at home and implementing energy-efficient improvements in your house might help you save money on your monthly water bill.

What Steps Should You Take To Lower Your High Water Bill?

Start by looking for leaks in your pipes or water fixtures on your property and any indicators of overuse. Whether you identify the source of the problem or not, obtaining a second opinion from our professional plumbers at Five Star Columbus Plumbing is always a smart idea.

No matter how big or little the task is, our plumbers are able to undertake it. Our top priority is your convenience and peace of mind! For optimal plumbing services, give us a call today at (614) 401-8086, or schedule an appointment online now by clicking here!