We are fortunate enough to have clean water running straight to our houses. You may think that your water is already clean since it goes through a filtration process before it runs through your home; unfortunately, this is false, and how detailed the filtration process is dependent on where you live. You may have heard that chemicals, metals, and other dangerous toxins can be reintroduced into your water. And this can happen for a myriad of reasons. So, if you’d like to learn more about water purification and filtration, keep reading! We’ll take the time to help you better understand why water filtration and purification are important in our residential homes. Our plumbing professionals at Five Star Columbus Plumbing will bring you the information you need to choose the best source of water filtration for your lovely home! 

Does My Water Softener Filter My Water? 

The short answer to this question is, no, softeners do not filter your water. We often assume that water softeners are filtering our water since they do remove some of the calcium and magnesium from our water. There are many more toxins that need to be removed from our water. Unfortunately, softeners don’t filter or purify your water. Hard water isn’t necessarily dangerous, but it can be a nuisance. Does your water leave spots on your dishes? If so, this could mean that your water softener is not working correctly. Nevertheless, our plumbing experts at Five Star Columbus will get your softener up and running efficiently.  

What Is The Difference Between Softening and Purifying Your Water? 

Water softeners only remove the calcium and magnesium that make your water hard, so to speak. They are helpful and improve the quality of your water, but they don’t remove parasites and bacteria that can infect our water. Water purifiers are essential to remove these toxins and improve your water one step further. Although your water is filtered before entering your home, contaminants can be reintroduced. So, this is one of the many reasons you might want to think about a water purifier. In addition to your water softener to attain the best quality water for you, your home, and your family.  

Do I Need A Water Softener? 

In short, yes, you need a water softener, especially if you live in an area where the water is abnormally hard. Hard water can be damaging to your pipes and your appliances. Hard water is also drying to your skin and hair. Furthermore, it can corrode your pipes and damage any appliances you have that run water through them. Additionally, your washing machine, refrigerator, and dishwasher can all be affected. Not to mention, hard water requires you to spend more money on soap and detergent to get your clothes, dishes, and body clean. Hard water also promotes soap scum and residue, making it harder to keep your sinks and showers clean. Therefore, using water softeners throughout your home can release calcium, magnesium, and other metals and chemicals from your water, making it as pure and safe as it can be. Don’t you want to be sure that when you turn on your faucet, your water is pure and clean? Our plumbing professionals at Five Star Columbus would love to lend you a hand! 

Fortunately, we live in a country where water filtration, purification, and softening are at our disposal in modern homes. Don’t forget that although our water is filtered, it doesn’t mean that contaminants can’t still be reintroduced on the way to or through our homes. This is why a home filtration and purification system is important to ensure the water you are consuming is as clean as it can be! Call Five Star Columbus Plumbing today at (614) 401-8086, or schedule an appointment online now by clicking here