Expert Drain Cleaning & Excavation Services in Columbus, OH

When you hire Five Star Columbus Plumbing to perform your next digging project, you won’t have to dig deep into your finances to pay sky-high prices from other local contractors. If you’re looking for residential or commercial drain cleaning and excavation services in the Greater Columbus area, call Five Star Columbus Plumbing right away! We are your preferred local drain excavation contractor for all types of plumbing and excavation needs, such as sewer line repair, pipework, water tap services, well conversions, and much more.

Do you have a drain issue? Whether it’s your garbage disposal or your toilet sending water back up after you flush it, there are several signs you are dealing with a clogged drain or backed up the mainline that requires the help of a plumber. Five Star Columbus Plumbing handles all your drainage issues, big and small, and we won’t charge you an arm and a leg to come out and help.

Drain, Sewer, & Excavation Services in Columbus, OH

Expert Excavation Services in Columbus, Xenia & Cincinnati, OH

Whether you’re adding onto your home with a new construction project, undertaking a renovation or remodeling project, or hoping to break ground on a new space — excavation services should always be performed by an expert. To resolve your residential and commercial plumbing, sewer, or septic problems, hire a professional excavation contractor like Five Star Columbus Plumbing. We are local, licensed, and fully insured on all the necessary equipment and tools to meet your commercial and residential excavation needs.

Signs Excavation Might Be Necessary

  • Draining is slow, or you have a slow drain
  • The smell of sewage or sewage gas around sink and toilet areas
  • The soil in your sewer line is dissipating and you’re noticing an indentation or sinkhole
  • You have an area of your hard where the lawn that looks differently, it might be because your sewer line is leaking into your yard.

Excavation for Sewer Lines in Columbus, OH

Flooding, excess water flow and tree roots are common causes for problems to commercial and residential sewage systems. When a sewer line needs to be replaced or needs repair work, your friends at Five Star Columbus Plumbing are here to help. Below are 4 popular methods of excavation:

Sewage Line Trenching

With sewerage lines being located at least a couple of feet below the surface of the ground, the most common method for sewer line repair involves using a backhoe to dig a trench surrounding the line to allow access to the affected area to repair burying the line again. Once we fix the line, we at Five Star Columbus Plumbing use the backhoe to refill the area as professionally as possible to restore your land. Trenching may be the only option depending on the pipe configuration or where you live.

Water Line Repair, Installation & Replacement

Water mains typically last more than 50 years for commercial and residential properties. However, some might have a weak leak and need water line repair work sooner. This can cause a significant headache at best. At worst, it can cause extensive flood damage. Suppose water main has broken in your residential or commercial property. In that case, you want to find a licensed and insured professional to repair the water line problem as soon as possible. We can handle all types of pipeline excavation services when it comes to new or old homes or buildings.

Trenchless Sewage Line Repair

Depending on your pipes, we might be able to make trenchless repairs by installing small access holes where the damaged line begins and where it ends instead of digging up an entire trench. We insert the replacement pipe by pulling it through the existing damaged pipe. Trenchless repairs are prevalent and can be done much quicker. They also cause minimal damage to yards and driveways compared to traditional underground pipe repair methods because only the dirt at the beginning and end of the line is disturbed.

Gas Line Installation & Repair

Plumbing tasks dealing with gas lines requires expert skills. Gas lines should be installed and repaired with utmost caution since any leakage can be hazardous and might lead to serious health problems. Unlike minor plumbing repair work, extreme caution should be exercised when handling any tasks related to the plumbing of gas lines.

  • Installation of new gas lines – Equipment and appliances like dryers, water heaters, fireplaces, grills and other cooking devices are often powered by gas from an underground line. We use quality gas line products to guarantee your new lines are safely installed into your new devices and they last as long as possible.
  • Replacement of old gas lines – If you’re concerned about the gas lines running to your home and would like the lines checked and replaced with new ones, give us a call. We can provide high-quality gas line replacement at affordable price rates to ensure your home is safe and your gas lines are in optimal condition.

Drain Cleaning & Sewer Line Services in Columbus, Xenia & Cincinnati, OH

Why do our drains clog in the first place? Because of how often we use our sinks, showers, bathtubs, toilets, garbage disposals, laundry room, and kitchen appliances that rely on our drain system, it’s not uncommon for them to clog up over a long enough period. Among the more common things that clog up household drains and wreak havoc on plumbing systems are hair, grease, oil, food, coffee grounds, apparent foreign objects, toys utensils, dirt and mineral accumulations, hygiene products like diapers and wet wipes, paper towels, and much more.

Signs of a Main Sewer Line Clog

  • Slow drain flow and backed up drains
  • Water rises from your drains when you flush the toilet
  • Gurgling sounds coming from toilet toilet
  • Sewage is in your sewer clean out
Drain Services

Expert Drain Cleaning & Drain Camera Services in Southern Ohio

Your friends at Five Star Columbus Plumbing can perform a sewer line video inspection at a low cost to discover the main line clog within your pipes. We can show you exactly what’s happening and if necessary, we can help with removing the blockage or even discuss drain line replacement. We can show you all your options with our drain camera services.

How Do You Get Drains Unclogged?

When it comes to drainage problems in most modern homes, far too many people resort to using chemical cleaners like Drano when they are dealing with a clogged drain and this stuff is harsh. We’re your best option for resolving drain blockage in Columbus, OH! Consider us your drain clog removal team. We, like all plumbing experts, strongly discourage the use of chemical cleaners like Drano and other off-brand drain cleaners because everything that is poured down your drain pipe can end up in the water supply. This can be unhealthy even after it’s been processed. Additionally, it causes damage to your pipes. The best alternative to chemical cleaners is natural enzymes, which break up the obstruction in your drain and clear it away without damaging the drain itself or tainting the water.

Know When to Call an Expert for Your Drain Blockage, Drain Cleaning Job

There are times when natural enzymes aren’t sufficient for bigger clogs in the drain line and you need a professional in the Greater Columbus area. Our list of drain services includes pipe inspection, drain cameras, drain imaging, detailed inspection of drain lines, state of the art camera systems. Our expert plumbers here at Five Star Columbus Plumbing can address intrusion from tree roots, and use affordable sewer camera inspection services. We can inspect sewer lines and perform drain inspections using video cameras. We offer plumbing inspections, drain camera services, sewer repairs, trenchless pipework. We offer real-time assistance checking access points, identifying plumbing problems, sewer pipe problems, sewer and drain pipe inspections and more.

When our expert local plumbers arrive, they’ll clean out your drain using one of the following methods:

  • Hydro jetting
  • High pressurized water blasts
  • Snaking/preventative snaking
  • Hydrochloric Acid or muriatic acid (which is more naturally occurring)

These methods are all environmentally friendly and will not hurt your pipes or result in the corrosion you’d cause using Drano, or other highly corrosive and toxic drain cleaning chemicals. Interested in learning more? Give us a call now at (614) 401-8086.

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Frequently Asked Drain, Sewer, & Excavation Questions

At Five Star Columbus Plumbing, we’re dedicated to finding a solution for our customers so they can live in comfort. If you have any questions, give us a call at (614) 401-8086.

What is sewer and drain cleaning?

Your home has a series of drains connected to pipes that flush out all of your wastewater to the city’s main sewer line. This includes all drains from sinks, showers, baths, toilets, and even your utility sink, if you have one. Since there are various drains and pipes that run throughout your house, at some point in time, it will get clogged. Unfortunately, that’s the life of being a homeowner. Nevertheless, if your home needs a sewer and drain cleaning, you will know by the unpleasant odors, noises, or a slow drain from any of your plumbing equipment. Keep in mind that this is something a homeowner should not do on their own; the best thing to do is call a trained and certified professional plumber to perform a sewer and drain cleaning.

Do most homes have a sewer cleaning drain?

Yes, every home should have a sewer cleaning drain. Nonetheless, our professionals have run into some older houses that were not built with one. If you are concerned about your sewer cleaning drain or if your home has one, call Five Star Columbus Plumbing to schedule an appointment for a professional to find or install a sewer cleaning drain.

Do all houses have sewer cleanouts?

Unfortunately, not every home has sewer clean-outs, but every home should. These clean-out drains allow for easily accessible plumbing issue evaluations and prevent more plumbing problems like disassembling your toilet.

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