It’s April Fool’s Day today, but we’re taking a different approach. Because, of course, we’re not here to fool anyone! In plumbing, distinguishing fact from fiction is crucial to avoiding costly mistakes and maintaining your home’s infrastructure. With many plumbing myths out there, it’s hard to know what’s true. That’s why your Five Star Columbus Plumbing team has taken it upon ourselves to bust some of the most common plumbing myths. Feel free to join us as we uncover the truth behind these misconceptions!  

Plumbing Myth 1 – “Store-Bought Chemical Drain Cleaners Are Fine”    

First off, let’s start with chemical drain cleaners. One common myth is that store-bought chemical drain cleaners are a fast and efficient fix for clogged drains. Wrong! While they may be a quick and convenient option momententarily, they really do more harm than good. This is because, in all reality, these cleaners can corrode pipes, which causes damage to your system and leads to leaks and more blockages. They also carry health risks and harm the environment.    

Instead, choose mechanical methods such as plunging or using a drain snake. These methods are not only safer but also more effective in preserving the integrity of your plumbing system in the long term. For bigger, stubborn clogs, it’s advisable to seek assistance from a professional plumber. Additionally, utilizing drain screens can help prevent clogs effectively. 

Plumbing Myth 2 – “Using Hot Water to Wash Grease Down the Drain Is” Fine   

Another frequent plumbing misconception is the idea that hot water can effectively flush grease down the drain. Please, don’t do this! Sometimes, in the moment doing a certain thing seems so convenient and logical. But when you stop to think about the repercussions after the fact, usually the consequences come to light. Yes, it sounds easy to pour hot water down the drain to dissolve grease. But later, when that hot water cools off, you’ll be left with solidified grease within your plumbing system. Trust us; that’s not something you want to deal with! 

To combat this plumbing myth, simply collect grease in a container and dispose of it in the trash or recycle it correctly. This simple practice helps prevent expensive plumbing problems, saving you from future headaches and unnecessary expenses. 

Plumbing Myth 3 – “Flushable Wipes are Fine to Use” 

Flushable wipes are not as flushable as you think! It’s commonly believed that it is fine to flush wipes down the toilet since they’re labeled as flushable – and we don’t blame anyone for falling prey to this marketing strategy. But please beware that flushable wipes don’t break down like toilet paper, and they can, in fact, clog your pipes severely, leading to expensive plumbing issues.  

To prevent these specific plumbing issues, simply say no to using flushable wipes. Instead, stick to flushing only toilet paper and dispose of all wipes in the trash to steer clear of this plumbing myth altogether. 

Plumbing Myth 4 – “Flushing Feminine Hygiene Products Is Fine” 

On the same note, the same concept would apply to feminine hygiene products. Flushing these products down the toilet is definitely not recommended. But when you stop to consider their purpose, items such as tampons are meant to absorb and expand when with liquid. So, over time, enforcing this plumbing myth can result in clogs in your plumbing and potential damage to sewer lines. 

Steer clear of this plumbing myth altogether by throwing ALL feminine hygiene products in the trash. It may feel like a hassle, but caring for your plumbing system with these simple steps is worth it. 

Don’t be fooled by these common plumbing myths! Dispelling them is crucial for your plumbing system’s health. In conclusion, you should skip using chemical drain cleaners, don’t wash grease down the drain, dispose of flushable wipes correctly, and avoid flushing feminine products down the toilet. By using these best practices, you can prevent damage, save on repairs, and spare yourself major headaches in the long run! Remember, always trust a professional plumber for accurate plumbing advice. For more tips on plumbing care, check out our other blogs! 

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